Thermoplastic Masks

Through joint cooperation, MacroMedics® and a leading thermoplastics manufacturer have designed a new line of thermoplastics offering high rigidity and very low shrinkage with near transparency while processing the material.

The full range of thermoplastic masks is available in the UK and Ireland through OSL. Please contact us to arrange a demonstration.


MacroCast is available in different perforations, coatings and shapes, with and without L-profiles attached. The most common types are listed below.

Additional styles are available, please ask OSL for details.

DSPS® and SSPS® Cradle Systems

The DSPS system comes with two different moldable thermoplastic sheets that are fixed in precise fit frames. The patented thermoplastic material for the occipital part has a unique behavior. While being flexible the material shows enough resistance to support the head of the patient during the molding process and at the same time the material is pliable enough to customize the mask for each individual patient.

The new Single Shell Positioning System (SSPS) focuses on the patient´s facial contours which are relevant for a precise repositioning. The mask is limited to the relevant boundaries of the patients facial contours. By fixing the mask to the rigid carbon fiber cradle instead of pulling it down to the baseplate, the mask remains compact and will not be overstretched. This will clearly contribute to the stability of the patient set-up.

DSPS with supine mask

SSPS cradle & mask

S-Type Thermoplastic

The S-Type thermoplastic range provide an elegant and efficient solution to head and neck immobilisation.

S-Type thermoplastics are available in perforated and non-perforated, in either a 2.3mm or 3mm thickness. S-Type thermoplastic will allow excellent control during the mould and the ultimate rigidity provides excellent stability in the critical regions during treatment

S-Type with standard perfo

S-Type head mask with standard perfo

Product Code Description
364110 S-Type mask, standard perforation, head only, 2.3mm
364410 S-Type mask, standard perforation, head, neck and shoulder, 2.3mm
364130 S-Type mask, selective perforation, head only, 2.3mm
364430 S-Type mask, selective perforation, head, neck and shoulder, 2.3mm
363150 S-Type mask, multi perforation, head only, 3mm
363450 S-Type mask, multi perforation, head, neck and shoulder, 3mm
363130 S-Type mask, selective perforation, head only, 3mm
363430 S-Type mask, selective perforation, head, neck and shoulder, 3mm


The MacroCast with L-profiles is available in fine perfo, fine perfo with comfort coating, or as a non-perforated mask.

MacroCast 3-precut

MacroCast 5-precut

Product Code Description
119530 MacroCast fine perfo, 3-precut, L-profiles
117530 MacroCast fine perfo, comfort, 3-precut, L-profiles
119730 MacroCast non-perfo, 3-precut, L-profile
119550 MacroCast fine perfo, 5-precut, L-profile
117550 MacroCast fine perfo, comfort, 5-precut, L-profile
119750 MacroCast non-perfo, 5-precut, L-profile

RealEase Profiles

RealEase profiles are compatible with the RealEase Baseplate

3-precut with RealEase profiles

Part Number Description
359530 MacroCast fine perfo, 3-precut, RealEase Profile
359730 MacroCast non perfo, 3-precut, RealEase Profile
359550 MacroCast fine perfo, 5-precut, RealEase Profile
359750 MacroCast non perfo, 5-precut, RealEase Profile


U-Frame with selective perforation

Product Code Description
376410 U-Frame mask, standard perforation, 2.3mm
373430 U-Frame mask, selective perforation, 2.3mm
377450 U-Frame mask, multi perforation, 3mm
374430 U-Frame mask, selective perforation, 3mm

Product Information

For more information or to arrange an on-site demonstration please contact OSL.

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