ProSoma IGRT, Dose and Portal Review

ProSoma is not just about simulation. It's powerful image handling and data communication with other systems lend itself to flexible ways of working, particularly when other systems are over subscribed and often expensive to expand.

ProSoma's two-way connectivity with all major radiotherapy systems has lead to the implementation of a number of review options, that have traditionally been performed on other systems, such as EPIDS, TPS etc.

IGRT Review

IGRT CT images can be imported into ProSoma, and compared and fused with the localisation planning CT images. Fused images can then be overlaid with ROIs and planned isodoses, followed by the ability to adapt the pateint position interactively, resulting in treatment machine couch shifts to re-align the patient.

Dose Review

When expensive treatment planning workstations are tied up, ProSoma is the ideal alternative to review, but not change, the treatment plan. With the ability to import DICOM RT Dose files from TPS, ProSoma displays isodose curves/clouds, and has an interactive spreadsheet so dose percentages and absolute values can be selected for display. Dose can be seen on fused images, so for example dose can be viewed over MR slices that have been fused with CT. Dose Volume Histograms complete this valuable clinical review function.

Portal Review

In addition to exporting ProSoma DRRs to EPIDS, portal images can be imported into ProSoma and instead, can be compared alongside and fused with DRRs. Template matching can then be applied, saved and the beam can be moved effecting positional adaptive radiotherapy. The movements are translated to absolute and relative co-ordinates and in 'linac language'.


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