ProSoma Contouring

Every ProSoma workstation includes a set of powerful contouring tools that have been designed for the demands of today's busy clinical radiation oncology workloads. An extensive suite of automatic, semi-automatic and manual tools provide accurate and fast delineation of tumour targets and normal tissue structures that need to be actively avoided.

Contouring and navigating in 3D

ProSoma offers fast contouring in 3D where the user can contour on sagittal, coronal as well as axial slices. With a minimum of one contour defined on each plane, a 3D volume is automatically produced in seconds. Couple this with the ability to click on any anatomical point in any plan, to see the corresponding points in other planes, as well as in DRR and surface views, and you will see why ProSoma's contouring tools are so powerful. Traditional slice by slice contouring is of course also available.


The large numbers of breast cases and the increasing need to define PTVs have lead to the innovative MammoShape function. This allows the users to set the limits of the breast volume, as if the clinical field limits were being defined conventionally. ProSoma's clinical skin surface OEV is used to draw the shape of the breast volume, and the 3D breast PTV contours are produced in seconds. This coupled with subtraction tools produces a shaped 3D breast PTV in a few minutes.

Automatic segmentation

Automatic segmentation for other body sites including algorithms for specialised head and neck shells, spinal cord, lungs, body, generic body cativities, kidneys, liver and heart including model based contouring algorithms combined with the fast menu activation, offer a powerful range of options for all clinical scenarios.

Fast editing tools

In addition to the powerful automatic tools, a systems manual editing tools are critical to the smooth and efficient workflow in planning departments. We believe ProSoma has the most usable and fast tools available today. A simple right mouse click and all functions fall at the users fingertips.

Contouring in 3 planes for rapid D volume creation

Revolutionise treatment planning contouring times

  • MammoShape
  • Automatic segmentation


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