Watson Elementary NIMBUS

Four steps

1. Picture this

Take ANY prostate MR image set. Immediately get the picture.

2. Take control

Second opinion on mp-MRI for PCa? Take control.
Define a clear biopsy target straight away. Make sense of ambiguous radiology reports.

3. Take aim

Export biopsy targets to your fusion system or use them for cognitive fusion.

4. What you get

  • Accepts any prostate MR image set with only T2W and diffusion (DCE optional)
  • Immediate lesion identification using validated MAI® technology (Malignancy Attention Index)
  • Automatically calculated high b values using exclusive Hi-C® algorithm
  • Quantitative ADC map
  • Automatic fusion of MR image series
  • Export of structures to fusion biopsy systems

Fast and easy access to biopsy target images


Urologists and radiologists trained on how to use mpMRI for prostate fusion biopsy using Watson and BiopSee at BAUS, Liverpool.

Product enquiry

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