Watson Elementary®

Computer-Aided Prostate Cancer Diagnosis using Multi-Parametric MRI

Watson Elementary® is an exceptionally practical and fast computer-assisted diagnostic tool (CAD system) that offers radiologists automated and reproducible support during the multi-parametric analysis of MR images with the aim of identifying and localising potentially malignant lesions within the prostate gland.

Data courtesy of NIH – Washington, USA

Powered by MAI® Technology

The unique MAI® algorithm in Watson Elementary gives the user a voxel based prediction of malignancy grade that directly correlates to the Gleason Score. This is fundamentally different from other algorithms, which rely on a non-reproducible and operator-dependent definition of the ROI.

MAI® technology gives you 3 crucial clinical benefits over other CAD systems.

1. Determine spatial distribution of malignancy

Watson Medical’s automated MAI® technology provides direct insight into the spatial distribution of the malignancy correlation on a pixel-per-pixel basis without the need for a predefined ROI. Other systems introduce operator dependency by requiring the user to suggest an ROI. At best, they offer a homogeneous malignancy likelihood for that entire ROI.

2. Directly identify hot and cold spots

As a result of this singular feature, the MAI® technology in Watson Elementary® helps you to quickly assess the structural heterogeneity of the lesion (e.g. hot and cold spots) and thus to exactly pinpoint your prostate biopsy or treatment target.

3. Increase accuracy and save time

Watson Elementary® exports delineated ROIs directly to any DICOM compatible system. This option markedly increases accuracy by preventing ambiguities and human errors. Moreover, it saves valuable time.

Increase accuracy and save time

Ultimate Usability

You focus on the lesion, while Watson gathers the data. You analyze the data, while Watson structures it for you. Your work is done, and Watson safely stores it.

Reach Beyond Today

DICOM Structured Reporting allows for easy post-processing of data, data mining as well as data redeployment for active surveillance, targeted image-guided biopsies and therapy purposes.


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Urologists and radiologists trained on how to use mpMRI for prostate fusion biopsy using Watson and BiopSee at BAUS, Liverpool.

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