Advanced Image Guided Prostate Fusion Biopsy System

Easily target and access every part of the prostate in a extremely precise and reproducible manner with minimal risk of infection for your patients while monitoring each step in superior quality ultrasound with the confidence of stereotactic planning and navigation.
All this can be achieved with a single intelligent system, BiopSee, that gives you minimal change of false negatives thanks to transperineal stereotactic image-guided planning and needle navigation, with the confidence of superior documentation and reporting.

BiopSee System

Multimodality Imaging

Perfectly visualise lesion and critical structures using any type DICOM compatible image modality

Morphological Imaging

  • Integrate U/S device dedicated to prostate
  • 2D & 3D U/S
  • Automatic fusion with MRI or colour Doppler (neurovascular bundles)

Morpho-pathological Imaging

  • Tissue characterisation (HistoScanning)
  • Tissue Vascularisation (angio-mode Doppler)
  • Dynamic Contrast Enhancement - DCE (contrast agents)
  • Tissue differentiation (Elastography)

Functional Imaging

  • Fusion with MRI Spectroscopy, dynamic MRI, PET, PET-CT, SPECT


BiopSee supports all biopsy protocols

  • Protocol-supported systematic biopsy (grid)
  • Navigated targeted biopsy

Key benefits of transperineal biopsies

  • Access: perfectly reach any region of the prostate including anterior ventral zone
  • Accuracy: avoid prostate deformation; allows 3D U/S image acquisition after needle insertion as well as multi-modal image registration during biopsy
  • Reassurance: minimum risk of infection and faster patient recovery
  • Reproducible precision: essential in case of salvage therapy; crucial for active surveillance and focal therapy

All in a single intelligent system

  • On-board computer with state-of-the-art software for 3D U/S image-acquisition, fusion, planning, navigation and reporting
  • Superior quality 3D ultrasound image produced by exceptionally compact U/S scanner
  • Specially designed rectal probe for prostate procedures
  • Robust bi-directional stepper
  • System integrated into single trolley with small footprint


Latest News from OSL

Urologists and radiologists trained on how to use mpMRI for prostate fusion biopsy using Watson and BiopSee at BAUS, Liverpool.

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