Maxx 606

The Maxx 606 is a manual patient positioning system and it is based on the original CL-606 series but takes advantage of a new streamlined and economic design along with the latest laser technology to offer a simple but robust laser with minimal maintenance. Easy to install the Maxx 606 embodies the essence of our “The Art Of Simplicity” motto. The Maxx 606 is the choice where there are budget concerns and will provide years of trouble free operation.

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CL 505 & CL 606 Series

Cemarline cross-hair projectors represent the leading edge in precision alignment instrumentation.Built around advanced solid state technology and robust mechanical design, these projectors will provide years of reliable, maintenance-free service. Using advanced laser-diode projection technology and precise mechanical design, this system adheres to the exact needs of your medical applications. The compact design of the Patient Positioning System ensures its suitability to your environment.

Features include:

  • Solid and compact design
  • Easy-to-use Controls (no tools required)
  • World-wide power supply compatibility

The CL 606 Series

cl 606

The CL-606 patient positioning system uses a green or red laser diode to project a cross-hair target onto a patient, assisting the alignment of radiation oncology devices.

The benefit of the green laser is its contrast on any skin pigmentation. This laser is designed for years of service, and the modular construction means easy maintenance when necessary.

beam adjustment example

Built with adaptability in mind, this system can be installed virtually anywhere. It can be modified to project a cross-hair, single line, or up-to two dots, as required by the application.

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The CL 505 Series

cl 505

The CL 505 series Patient Positioning System uses two solid state laser diode projectors with adjustable power settings to form a bright red cross-hair projection on a patient.

The system is available in three configurations:

  • CL 505-CH-2 projects the cross-hair
  • CL 505-CH-1 projects a single line
  • CL 505-CH-0 projects a single dot

Interchangeable projection modules make it possible to quickly change the CL 505-CH to any of the above configurations

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