ExaFlex™ is a flexible, homogeneous bolus material that conforms nicely to the patient anatomical contours. ExaFlex is made from a tissue-equivalent gel with a density of 1.03 g/cm. It is available in various sizes and thicknesses and can be cut with a pair of scissors to fit the patients contours. ExaFlex can be build up in layers when required to obtain the desired build-up thickness.

ExaFlex is available in an easy to clean version with skin or a skinless version that will stick to the patients contours and allow stacking.

ExaFlex is calibrated with photon and electrons beams in the energy range of more than 1 MeV.

ExaFlex is 100% latex free.

Bolus with skin

Bolus without skin

Product Code Description
153110 ExaFlex 30x30x1,0 cm with skin
153120 ExaFlex 30x30x0,5 cm with skin
153130 ExaFlex 40x40x1,0 cm with skin
153150 ExaFlex 50x50x1.0 cm with skin
153160 ExaFlex 50x50x0,5 cm with skin
153310 ExaFlex 30x30x1,0 cm without skin
153320 ExaFlex 30x30x0,5 cm without skin
153330 ExaFlex 40x40x1,0 cm without skin
153340 ExaFlex 40x40x0,5 cm without skin
153350 ExaFlex 50x50x1,0 cm without skin
153360 ExaFlex 50x50x0,5 cm without skin

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