Diagnostic scanners like CT, PET-CT and MR have proven their essential value in radiotherapy. In all steps the patient is undergoing during the treatment process, uniformity and reproducibility in patient set-up is fundamental. To overcome the problems caused by the difference in geometry between concave scanner couchtops and flat simulator and linear accelerator couchtops MacroMedics® offers light weight removable couchtops for various types of scanners.

All MacroMedics couchtops simply lock onto the cradle of the scanner with a clamping mechanism. This clamping mechanism allows the couchtop to be easily removed at any time. As all carbon fiber MacroMedics products, the diagnostic couchtops are developed and produced with state of the art 3-D molding- and production techniques with respect for low tolerances in attenuation and dosimetry. A low density foam core covered with thin layers of carbon fiber is the base construction for a very light weight and rigid product.

MacroMedics also offer the option to embed reference structures like phantom rods and copper positioning wires in the couchtop core.

CT Couchtop

Product Information

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