Vacuum Cushions

These easy-to-use vacuum cushions are manufactured of first class, high quality, durable and easy to clean materials. The vacuum cushion is a well known and widely accepted aid for patient immobilisation in radiotherapy.

The vacuum cushions are filled with small polystyrene pellets to create a firm but comfortable cradle to accurately support and position the patient. They naturally adapt to the patients anatomical contours. A wide range of dimensions and filling volumes are available.

Vacuum Cushions

155110 Vacuum Cushion

115210 Vacuum Cushion

115150 Vacuum Cushion

The vacuum cushions feature:

  • Easy-to-use, reusable vacuum cushions
  • Filled with small polystyrene pellets to create a firm but comfortable cradle around the patient
  • The vacuum cushions are radiotranslucent and easy to clean
  • Durable, high quality blue Polyamide cushions
  • Most common types quick-release valves are available

Product Code Description
155110 Vacuum Cushion, head support, 30x40cm
155140 Vacuum Cushion, head support, 25x50cm
155150 Vacuum Cushion, head & shoulder support, T-shape, 50x70cm
155210 Vacuum Cushion, breast support,50x70cm
155300 Vacuum Cushion, pelvic support,65x65cm
155400 Vacuum Cushion, body support,100x70cm
155410 Vacuum Cushion, body support,100x80cm
155430 Vacuum Cushion, body support, T-shape, 120x80cm
155450 Vacuum Cushion, body support,100x150cm
155510 Vacuum Cushion, body support,200x100cm
155800 Vacuum Pump
155920 Quick Inflation Connector with 2m Tube + CPC connector to vacuum machine
155900 Quick Inflation Connector with 2m Tube

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