MacroMedics® introduces the LEX-Ultra™, a user friendly solution that provides support in positioning and immobilization of the lower extremities. The LEX-Ultra is designed to create unobstructed radiation beam access in the region of interest (R.O.I.) and gives the option for reproducible positioning of the healthy limb during treatment to avoid damage to the healthy tissue.

The system consists of a light weight baseplate with integrated individual leg supports and an optional middle block. The low density baseplate in combination with carbon fibre elements in the lower leg region provides an adjustable, flexible and easy to use support and creates optimal positioning to target the tumour area.

The LEX-Ultra leg supports can be adjusted in 7 indexed positions and have multiple integrated fixation points to attach individual thermoplastic masks for both leg and abdominal area.

The optional detachable middle block assists in positioning and fixation of the upper leg region and lower abdominal area. The LEX-Ultra positioning system is designed with respect to accuracy, reproducibility and flexibility in patient set-up.

LEX Ultra with masks

The LEX-Ultra features:

  • A light weight baseplate designed to accomodate various positions of the lower legs
  • Stable and user friendly system with flexible options
  • Optional middle block to position and fixate upper legs and lower abdominal area
  • Individual leg supports can be height adjusted in 7 indexed positions
  • Integrated fixation points for thermoplastics over a wide range of locations
  • The LEX-Ultra is indexable and compatible with all brands of couchtops for radiotherapy, X-ray and MR
  • A MR safe version of the LEX-Ultra is available

Product Information

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