Pelvic Prone Board

The MacroMedics® Pelvic Prone Board™ is a new design prone positioning device for the patients undergoing treatment in the pelvic region. This high-end Pelvic Prone Board has been manufactured through 3-D molding and production techniques resulting in a patient friendly, comfortable and ergonomic design. The region of interest (R.O.I.) consists of a specifically designed low attenuation carbon fibre sandwich construction with optimized dosimetric properties to allow 'arc' techniques. For optimal comfort, patient support and position reproducibility MacroMedics offers an optional indexed Pron Pillo that will guarantee reproducible patient positioning.

The Pelvic Prone Board is radio translucent, light weight, rigid and indexable. With the Pelvic Prone Board, it is possible to obtain a significant reduction of the irradiated small bowel volume.

Pelvic Prone Board with small cushion

Pelvic Prone Board with PronPillo

  • The Pelvic Prone Board is made of carbon fibre and the R.O.I. is designed with a special carbon fiber sandwich construction to meet optimal dosimetry requirements for arc techniques
  • The aperture at pubic level is designed for male and female patients
  • Indexed positioning of a special Pron Pillo adaptation (optional) makes the device suitable for a wide range of patients
  • Integrated arm rests for optimal patient comfort
  • Optimized dimensions for use in PET-CT and MR
  • A MR safe version of the Pelvic Prone Board is available

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