The EAMIS Lite™ is part of the of MacroMedics® new Modular Patient Positioning Platform.

This extremely compact and light weight rail system offers various set-up possibilities for high precision stereotactic treatments. It is a state of the art solution for lung & thorax, liver and lower abdomen treatments. The EAMIS Lite can be indexed on the treatment couch.

Together with the SBRT Secure Arches and an indexable vacuum cushion, the EAMIS Lite becomes a precise, reproducible and comfortable high-end stereotactic device for accurate SBRT treatments. The Secure Arches are available in 4 different sizes and can be customized with a respiratory suppression plate or abdominal vacuum cushions.
The light weight EAMIS Lite offers quick and easy handling, making it a user-friendly and comfortable stereotactic device.


EAMIS Lite Exploded View

The EAMIS Lite features:

  • A light weight rail system providing quick and easy handling for stereotactic treatments
  • Stable, compact and user friendly solution for various lower abdomen and thorax treatments
  • EAMIS Lite is indexable and compatible with all types and brands of couchtops for radiotherapy and X-ray settings
  • Easy attachment of SBRT Secure Arches, with attachable respiratory suppression plate and abdominal vacuum cushion

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