MaxSupport™ Head Supports

The MacroMedics® MaxSupport™ head supports provide stable and comfortable support during treatment in the head and neck region. The 3-D shaped MaxSupports are made of a low density foam and are covered with an easy to clean coating. The MaxSupports are colour coded and come in a set of 3. Each head support will provide a specific, preferred position to create the most optimal approach for treatment.

A comfortable wide head support is available for all MacroMedics head- and neck, breast, lung and thorax treatment devices. Also available is a special pediatric head support and prone head support.

For situations where extra stability and reproducibility is desired MacroMedics developed a special low attenuation set of 3-D shaped carbon fiber MaxSupports. These head supports consists of a very thin layer of carbon fiber combined with a low density foam part with precise fit in all MacroMedics head and neck baseplates. For special treatment requirements low attenuation carbon fiber elevation blocks and wedges in various heights and angles are available.

MaxSupport 2, 3 and 4

MaxSupport Carbon Fibre

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