Exafix IMRT Baseplates™

The ExaFix™ IMRT baseplates are developed and produced with state of the art special 3-D molding and production techniques resulting in user-friendly shapes with focus on the significant and important areas with respect for low tolerances in attenuation and dosimetry. The extended baseplate with ergonomic design with double curved surfaces supports the full upper body, offers a smooth transition in the lower back and guarantees a comfortable and unstressed patient set-up.

The cantilevered design offers a '360 degrees angle of freedom' around the region of interest.
The carbon fiber ExaFix IMRT Baseplates are available for several types of treatment couches, CT and PET-CT.
The MacroMedics ExaFix IMRT Baseplate is a state of the art, unique, ultra light treatment device securing reproducible day-to-day patient set-up.

ExaFix IMRT (Elekta-iBeam)


The ExaFix IMRT Baseplates feature:

  • Better target coverage
  • Optimal positioning and approach
  • Easily hooked onto cranial end of treatment couch
  • Low tolerances in attenuation and dosimetry
  • Uniformity on all treatment modalities
  • A MR safe version of the IMRT Baseplate is available

Product Code Description
110100 Exafix IMRT Baseplate, fit for Varian IGRT couchtop
110130 Exafix IMRT Baseplate for Varian Exact couchtop
110170 Exafix IMRT Baseplate, fit for Siemens TTS couchtop
110180 Exafix IMRT Baseplate, fit for Elekta iBEAM evo couchtop
110190 Exafix IMRT Baseplate, fit for Elekta Precise/C-arm couchtop
110280 Exafix IMRT Baseplate, fit on flat table top, carbon fiber, 2P
110290 Exafix IMRT Baseplate, fit on flat table top, glass fiber, 3P, MR safe

Product Information

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