ExaFix™ 5 Point

The ExaFix™ positioning systems provide accurate positioning and fixation of the patient during radiotherapy treatment in the head- and neck region. The ExaFix patient positioning platform is based on an accepted template. Both carbon fiber and acrylic designs are produced with high accuracy and with respect to dosimetry, freedom of treatment and comfort.

The head and neck systems are developed and produced with state of the art special 3-D molding and production techniques which allow user-friendly shapes with focus on the significant and important regions with respect for low tolerances in attenuation and dosimetry.

All head and neck systems are 2-pin-ready and compatible with various styles of indexing systems and couchtops. The ExaFix baseplates are prepared for 3 and 5 fixation point mask-types. The aperture in the baseplate offers the option to use different styles of head supports.

Complementary products like the ExaTilt™ carbon fiber inclination plate are also available.

ExaFix 5

ExaFix with 5 point mask

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