Double Shell Positioning System (DSPS®)

For each patient undergoing radiation treatment in the head and neck region the MacroMedics® Double Shell Positioning System (DSPS®) provides a unique and accurate individual positioning and fixation mask for both occipital and facial areas. Keywords of the concept are simplicity, easy to use and patient friendly. The DSPS is an innovative and state of the art solution for stereotactic radiotherapy.

The DSPS concept is created around an ultra light carbon fibre (CF) cradle with maximum accessibility for preparation of the individual occipital mask. For the construction of the rigid CF cradle specific high-end aerospace fibers are used and the CF cradle is designed and manufactured for optimal dosimetric properties. The CF cradle is available for and compatible with most head and neck systems. An MR safe version is available.

DSPS with Supine Mask

DSPS with Prone Mask

MR Safe DSPS Cradle

The DSPS system comes with two different moldable thermoplastic sheets that are fixed in precise fit frames. The patented thermoplastic material for the occipital part has a unique behavior. While being flexible the material shows enough resistance to support the head of the patient during the molding process and at the same time the material is pliable enough to customize the mask for each individual patient. The open construction of the CF cradle allows the technician to adapt the thermoplastic material to the boney structures of the skull. A set of head-only or head, neck and shoulder thermoplastic sheets, frames and profiles and a Double Shell Prone Solution complete the Double Shell Positioning System.
Patent pending.

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