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Dolphin® Patient QA & Monitoring


Your Online-Ready Transmission Detector, designed for ease of use and efficiency in pre-treatment Patient QA & Online Monitoring*, as well as Machine QA.

Key Benefits

  • Save QA time & increase QA confidence
  • Full 40 x 40 cm field size measurements: QA efficiency even for large cases
  • 3D patient dose analysis to evaluate complex cases
  • Setup & QA measurement efficiency: be ready to measure in 2 min
  • Measurement accuracy: highly accurate ion chamber detector & detection capability based on real delivered treatment
  • Verification accuracy: TPS-class software for advanced error analysis

Why Dolphin?

Setup efficiency

  • Be ready to measure in 2 minutes. Simply attach Dolphin to your gantry and operate wirelessly.

Measurement accuracy

  • Designed to verify real dose.
  • Highly accurate and proven ion chamber detector.
  • High error detection capability, based on real delivered treatment (vs. logfile "calculation only" or EPID solutions).
  • High resolution full 40x40 cm field size output measurements.

Verification efficiency

  • Instant automatic check and display of results.
  • Instant verification and confirmation of each delivered fraction in seconds.*

Verification power

  • TPS-class error analysis.
  • Comprehensive optional 3D patient-based verification of any TPS plan or delivered fraction.
  • Default TPS check for fast "calculation only" QA.
  • Independent QA compared to linac dependent logfile solutions.

Unique possibility to replace pretreatment QA

  • Dolphin accurate dose measurements offer full patient QA of each future* fraction, and the possibility to replace pretreatment QA.

Patient Friendly

  • Unique design.
  • Comfort and peace of mind for your patient.
  • Marketing possibilities for your institution.

"Dolphin will offer the possibility for online verification of complex dose delivery techniques such as IMRT or VMAT with the patient already in treatment position. The novel online QA system contributes to reduce extra pretreatment QA time to a minimum while at the same time increasing patient safety and preventing severe accidents due to the immediate detection of dose delivery errors."

PD Dr. Hansjoerg Wertz and "Team Dolphin" at UMM

Dept. of Radiation Oncology / University Medical Center Mannheim, University of Heidelberg, Mannheim, Germany

*Dolphin is released and in clinical use for pretreatment QA. Detector hardware and software are ready for online use during patient treatment pending approval from Linac manufacturers.

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