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Online Treatment Monitoring

Need peace of mind for yourself and your patients?

You and your patients can have confidence in their treatment fraction by fraction, until the last fraction.

Dolphin, the first and only Online Treatment Monitoring System.

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Enabling a more positive and safer treatment experience

Patient friendly design: more comfort and reduced patient movement

Therapist optimized workflow: seamless integration of Online Treatment Monitoring in standard radiotherapy workflows

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Performs an online treatment evaluation immediately after each fraction

Real time measurement and independent verification of entire treatment chain from TPS to delivery

► The QuickCheck™ software automatically analyzes the delivered fraction vs. the plan and automatically confirms its correctness


Provides you with full confidence until the last fraction

► Have confidence that the entire treatment was delivered safely

► Reporting: document safe delivery with your detailed online treatment monitoring report

Discover how Dolphin allows you to provide better Care and gives you the Online Control and Online Confidence of treating your patients safely as planned - until the very last fraction.

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