Your Global QA Platform: myQA

All-in-One. All Connected. All Secure.

Have full control of your data with myQAPlatform

Integrate all your data and applications into one software platform and one Central Database (SQL)

  • Accessible throughout your department and even satellites
  • Data safety and compliance with administration rights, central approvals, and reporting

myQA – Join the Unique Global QA Platform!

Discover Your All-in-One, All Connected, All Secure, Global QA Platform!

Learn how myQA Cockpit™ offers a complete overview of all your patient and machine data on one screen. Understand how myQA Cloud™ enables you to benchmark your QA data anonymously with peers from all over the world. See how myQA™ and it's Central Database integrate data from all your QA applications throughout your department - even satellite sites. Join myQA™ now!

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