Your Global QA Platform: myQA

All-in-One. All Connected. All Secure.

myQA™ is a unique platform that connects QA applications, people, and know-how through a Central Database and the Cloud. It offers full support throughout all of your QA, and enables you access to the different software modules and all of your data from one intuitive interface - anywhere & anytime.

Have full control of your data with myQAPlatform

Integrate all your data and applications into one software platform and one Central Database (SQL)

  • Accessible throughout your department and even satellites
  • Data safety and compliance with administration rights, central approvals, and reporting

Never miss any QA information again with myQACockpit

Connect all of your QA applications and Cross Reference data.

  • An instant overview with simple and clear reporting on one screen
  • Track your patient data and machine QA status

Benchmark data for full trust in your results with myQACloud

  • Perform benchmarking of your QA data for best practice checks
  • Connect (anonymously) with peers and data from around the world

myQA Applications

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myQA – Join the Unique Global QA Platform!

Discover Your All-in-One, All Connected, All Secure, Global QA Platform!

Learn how myQA Cockpit™ offers a complete overview of all your patient and machine data on one screen. Understand how myQA Cloud™ enables you to benchmark your QA data anonymously with peers from all over the world. See how myQA™ and it's Central Database integrate data from all your QA applications throughout your department - even satellite sites. Join myQA™ now!

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