Perturbation Free “beam invisible“ Reference Signal Chamber for Relative Dosimetry*

The iba Stealth Chamber is a unique perturbation free “beam invisible“ reference signal chamber for relative dosimetry. This patent pending design documents once more the innovation power of IBA to provide fastest, most accurate, most reliable dosimetry solutions.

Unique innovative design!

Unique Efficiency

➤ Avoid frequent walks into the bunker and save 2 hours each commissioning day1

➤ Mounted StealthChamber design does not require frequent repositioning as previously required for every field size change using standard reference chambers

Uncompromised Accuracy

➤ Leverage continuous scanning efficiency without compromising measurement accuracy

➤ Excellent reproducible reference signal quality even for SRS / SBRT fields

Universal Plug & Play

➤ Use the StealthChamber with any existing water phantom

➤ Ready to use without additional system upgrades or modifications

stealth chamber IMG_8917 328 px

1 Typical time saving with StealthChamber based commissioning of a most used TPS: Calculation based on a typical amount of 55 times repositioning of a conventional reference chamber for a typical measurement of PDDs, HW-Profiles,in-plane and cross-plane profiles for 2 photon energies. Average time for entering LINAC vault for chamber repositioning was estimated to be 2 min. Values are examples and can vary depending on your commissioning needs.

Stealth Chamber™ and RAZOR Detector Presentation live from AAPM 2015

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