Blue PhantomCompact

The Blue Phantom Compact is IBA's new 2-dimensional radiation field analyzer, designed for commissioning, acceptance testing, and regular QA of linear accelerators. Like the Blue Phantom² each component of the system is carefully designed for top performance, ensuring the same quality and versatility found in all IBA Dosimetry water phantoms > Fastest, most Accurate, most Reliable relative dosimetry!

However, the size has been reduced to allow for easy transportation and efficiency for smaller jobs like annual checks.

Key Benefits and positioning:

Leading Functionality

➤ Entirely based on the proven Blue Phantom² water phantom solution

➤ For your fastest, most accurate, most reliable beam scanning!

Compact Design

➤ 2D high-end water phantom with smaller dimensions and minimised weight

➤ Promotes easy transportation with more efficient use e.g. for annual checks

➤ Optimised for satellite hospitals and commissioning service providers

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