Carbon Fibre Knee and Feet Positioners

New to OSL, the carbon fibre positioning cushions are available in both adult and paediatric sizes.


Code Description
L-KK-C Knee rest adult regular, in carbon fibre
L-KK-C-4 Knee rest adult low (-4cm), in carbon fibre
L-KK-C-P Knee rest paediatric regular, in carbon fibre
L-KK-C-P+2 Knee rest paediatric high (+2cm), in carbon fibre
L-KK-C-P-2 Knee rest paediatric low (-2cm), in carbon fibre
L-FK-C Feet rest adult, in carbon fibre

L-KK-C_a 328

L-FK-C 328px

Contact OSL to arrange a demonstration of the carbon fibre cushion range.

Product Information

To arrange a demo or for more information please contact OSL.

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