OmniPro I’mRT+

2D Plan Verification: OmniPro I’mRT+

The all new OmniPro-I'mRT+. Your workflow-optimised software for 2D verification of dose distributions: Designed to increase your efficiency and reduce the patient QA time of your IMRT and rotational cases measured with MatriXX.

Effective, Intuitive & Connected

Connected through the Central Database Network:

  • Network-wide access from multiple client workstations to your complete data
  • Share data in the department or with satellite hospitals
  • Access and manage your patients, projects, and equipment data from a central database

OmniPro-I'mRT+ offers full setup flexbility - from small local setups for a single Linac application, to a full hospital network utilizing the new database configuation.

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Efficient and Intuitive Plan Verification in 4 Steps:

1. Import & Prepare

Fast preparation of new patient data and equipment

  • Swift and convenient import from TPS
  • Flexible extended DICOM interface
  • Prepare patient data and treatment plans in your office before you measure at the Linac

2. Measure

Workflow-guided menu

  • Save time with fewer steps
  • Save your measurements in the database
  • Analyze immediately or at your convenience

3. Verify

Comprehensive and efficient analysis of planned vs. measured treatments

  • Rapid calculation and quick review of results
  • Relative and absolute gamma evaluation
  • 1D and 2D visual and mathematical analysis tools
  • Wide range of algorithms for data processing

4. Report

Easy reporting and archiving on the database

  • Template-based "one-click" fast reporting
  • Export as RTF, HTML, or PDF file
  • Plan approval including comments

Customer Experiences

"Overall, I find the new software very sophisticated. Next to the modern software functionality, I like the central database approach. The database offers me a higher level of workflow flexibility, as I can now store all measurements and patient data in one central location. Once stored, I can access the data from different locations throughout our department network, allowing me to easily keep track of the status of our QA work. The solution also enables you to smoothly integrate satellite departments into your QA workflow."

Daan Hoffmans, Physicist, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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