INTRABEAM Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT)

INTRABEAM Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT) is internal radiation therapy performed during surgery after removal of the tumour. Before the surgeon closes the incision, the INTRABEAM applicator is positioned in the area of the breast where the tumour was located. INTRABEAM radiation is applied for 20-30 minutes treating the affected tissue in the tumour bed from the inside the tumour cavity. The surgeon then closes the incision.


iort proceedure

Intraoperative radiotherapy using the INTRABEAM System differs from traditional external post-surgical radiation treatment systems by treating the tumour bed from within, ensuring radiation delivery accuracy.

The INTRABEAM System is currently under clinical evaluation as the only device which can be administered as a single, definitive dose of internal radiation following BCS. This method is not used as a replacement for EBRT, but as a viable treatment option for patients meeting specific treatment conditions. Your doctor will advise you as to which treatment options are available, depending on the type and stage of your condition.

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