Radiotherapy with INTRABEAM

Over the years, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions have developed into more patient-focused, individualised, less invasive techniques. A perfect example of this paradigm shift is the INTRABEAM® system produced by Carl Zeiss. This revolution in radiotherapy comprises many advantages and affords a new dimension of flexibility.

  • Efficient local tumour control
  • Safety shown by clinical experience
  • Improved patient convenience
  • Over 10 years of clinical experience
  • Optimised system mobility

INTRABEAM delivers radiation directly into tumour cavities by generating a high dose of low energy (50kV) X-rays in a precise, spherical distribution pattern around a point source. The pattern can be shaped and tailored to the application with various applicators.

INTRABEAM's platform flexibility extends beyond traditional radiotherapy systems, requiring no structural infrastructure modifications or specialised radiation protection. In the treatment of breast cancer, INTRABEAM platform versatility makes it possible for patients to receive a single dose of internal radiation as a definitive treatment or as a boost to whole breast radiation therapy. INTRABEAM's treatment flexibility results in a wide range of oncological applications in addition to breast cancer therapy.

Targeted Intraoperative Radiotherapy: TARGiT Trial

Intraoperative Radiotherapy


Internal radiotherapy using the INTRABEAM system performed during surgery.

INTRABEAM Intraoperative Radiotherapy

INTRABEAM with other applications


A wide range of oncological applications in addition to breast cancer therapy.

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