Adaptive Plan Review

Version 2.1 of OnQ rts performs multi-modality dose mapping for adaptive radiotherapy, or when a patient returns for a new course of re-treatment, and when high accuracy - low fraction courses of SBRT are required.

Re- treatment dose mapping

When re-treating, OnQ maps the old plan onto the new, using deformable registration so that the total dose delivered from both courses can be evaluated.

Daily adaptive dose mapping

Using deformable and rigid registration between the planning and IGRT CT images, OnQ maps doses and structures from one CT to another, for adaptive re-planning evaluation.

Dose scaling for adaptive planning

If a patient’s initial course of treatment needs to be halted and re-planned, and then added to a new adapted plan, OnQ has the tools to re-scale the dose to a specific number of fractions, and then sum the new plan to the old. If wishing to compare plans, dose subtraction and the dose overlap function can be used to select the best plan.

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