Dose Review and Summation

Review multiple dose plans

Version 2.1 of OnQ rts incorporates dose display, maths and dose evaluation tools for review of RT plans from multiple modalities, freeing up treatment planning system resources and providing independent tools for clinical evaluation. Dose data is presented on side by side comparison views, DVH views, and as Dose-VOI statistics, providing flexible dose evaluation that is updated in real-time when changes to dose maths or visualisation options are made.

Sum & subtract plans

OnQ rts can combine together plans from a range of treatment modalities and planning systems, allowing you to independently evaluate, sum, subtract and compare plans. For example, external beam and brachytherapy plans can be summed, or an IMRT and a proton plan can be combined or compared.

Compare planned dose vs transit vs deformed dose

Dose imported from transit exit dosimetry systems can be displayed and compared with planning or IGRT CT based plans, providing powerful clinical tools to compare what was actually delviered to what was planned.

Create VOIs from isodoses

When structures need avoiding for re-treatment or adaptive re-planning, a new VOI can be created from an isodose.

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