Speciality Markers

OSL is proud to offer an extensive range of markers.



FlexiCoil is a unique, non-migrating marker with solid end points. FlexiCoil provides a unique image with 2 nodes that clearly define the end points. Available in 10 and 20mm lengths and 0.9 and 1.2mm diameters.



FlexiMarc Markers provide distinctive non-biological projection with easily definable nodes and end points. FlexiMarc Markers are available with 2 or 3 nodes with 0.9 or 1.2mm diameters. Markers are available with a pointed lead, reducing the pressure required for solid tumor insertion by 60%.

Gold Soft Tissue Markers


Markers which are pure gold cylinders specially knurled to inhibit migration. They are 3mm long and 1.0 or 1.2mm in diameter. Available in sterilized preloaded needles.



PointCoil markers are optimal in situations where a single point is required. They are made of a 5mm gold coil with one single central node.

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