Coupled Markers

OSL coupled marker range includes FlexiMarc G/T and FusionCoil.

FlexiMarc G/TTM


The FlexiMarc G/T combines 99.99% pure, biocompatible, gold nodes with a medical grade titanium connector. The first of its kind, this implanted marker produces a unique non-biological node based projection. The gold lights up and the titanium is radio translucent.

FM-10-2-20-GT-18-20 FlexiMarc G/T 1.0mm dia, 2 node, 20mm spacing, (24mm overall) Gold on Titanium. Marker preloaded in a sterile 18GA x 20cm needle. 1 per pack. Other sizes are available, please contact OSL for details.


The FusionCoil marker is manufactured using a a unique combination of gold and titanium alloy designed to image equally as well in CT and MR. They are assembled and sterilised with (2) markers and a 15mm long bio-absorbable spacer preloaded in an 18 GA needle ready for implant. It only takes two quick needle sticks to get the four points required for CK tracking.

FC-1.0-5-18-20 FusionCoil Marker 1.0mm x 5mm, in an 18GA x 20cm long needle.1 per pack.

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