Prostate Markers

Gold Marker


In order to minimise complications many prostates are now being treated with IMRT and IGRT. To ensure you are hitting your target, you need to accurately visualise your target. By using gold markers you can clearly see the prostate whether you are using portal imaging, kV image pairs or CBCT. Since the prostate can move with the pelvis, relying on bony anatomy can be risky.

Order Description
FM-102-JJ-3PK Sterile placement needle (17GA ETW x 20cm) with (1.2 x 3mm) gold marker. Pack of 3
FM-1.0-3-18-20-3PK Sterile Placement Needle (18GA ETW x 20cm) with (1.0 x 3mm) Gold Marker. Pack of 3.



For CT and MR, the PolyMarkTM marker is ideal. It is fabricated of biocompatible polymer, has virtually no artifact in CT, is clearly visible in MR and can be detected with ease in most kV based IGRT solutions.

Order Description
PM-10-3-18-20 Sterile placement needle (18GA x 20cm) loaded with (1.0 x 3mm long) polymer marker (pack of 1)

Other sizes available, please contact OSL for details.

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