Dosimetry Check benefits

Some of the benefits and advantages of dosimetry check over other phantom based systems include:

  • no equipment set up required for pre-treatment QA
  • transit in-vivo and pre-treatment patient dosimetry
  • independent measured dose calculations with and without the patient in the beam
  • provides 2D and 3D anatomical dose results analyses
  • pre treatment and on treatment in-vivo measurements of patients
  • measured dose verification using patient CT data set
  • works with: any RTP system
  • structure analysis: 3D Dose Volume Histograms (DVHs)
  • Gamma Volume Histograms (GVHs)
  • 3D predicted (planned) vs. absolute dose (measured) analysis
  • supports conventional IMRT, VMAT, RapidArc and more
  • works with: Elekta iView Portal Imager, Varian’s Portal Vision, R and E arm Portal Imagers and Siemens Optiview Portal Imager

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