DoseView 3D Features and Benefits

Water Phantom and Motion Control System

  • Dual motors on Y and Z axis ensure rigidity and prevent cantilever motion
  • A rigid, one-piece cast aluminum frame and stainless steel leadscrews provide a durable, consistent platform for repeated QA testing.
  • Innovative Detector Alignment System allows chambers/diodes to be swapped without isocenter/origin realignment

DoseView 3D Software


  • Wizard offers step-by-step data acquisition, while manual setup provides flexibility for more detailed control of scans.
  • Generate scan routines in Auto Acquisition mode and save them for use in later testing.
  • Automatically determine central axis using beam field edges
  • Fully manipulate scan data with a comprehensive toolset
  • Seamless export to treatment planning systems with all supported formats included standard
  • Comprehensive data analysis, archiving, and reporting


DoseView 3D Dual Channel Electrometer

  • Low noise electrometer designed for high speed acquisition
  • Enable bias voltage independently per channel for chamber/diode simultaneous operation
  • Mount on main phantom frame or in a separate location

Waterproof Exradin A18 Scanning Ion Chamber

  • Collecting volume 0.125 cc
  • Collector, guard and shell constructed of conductive C552 Shonka plastic


Fully Integrated Lift and Reservoir Cart

  • Electronic lift mechanism and 60 gallon (227 litre) reservoir with automatic fill and drain
  • Convenient storage area holds power supply and user manual
  • Precision Positioning Platform allows for fine adjustment in X and Y directions, ±12.5 mm, rotational adjustments of ±1° and discreet engagement at 10°, 45° and 90°


Wireless Pendant

  • Move probe at three speeds: fast, slow and 0.1mm step per button press
  • Set "soft stops" to determine origin and scan volume limits
  • Backlit display shows precise X,Y,Z coordinates for probe position and status information

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