IMRT QA used to mean either tedious preparation, processing and evaluation of films, or being limited to verify individual beams only. With Delta4 you can in just a single measurement have the complete fractional dose, beams and sub-beams readily available for analysis.

Dose distribution and deviations are outlined graphically and statistics of dose and distance deviations are presented along with gamma-index. The clinical relevance of deviations is analysed in 3D using dose-volume-histograms for individual structures. An excellent overview combined with very powerful analysis tools let you analyse every phase of the delivery from fraction down to the control-point.

  • Quickly approve the plans that are within the acceptance criteria.
  • Acceptance criteria based on clinical relevance with 3D-DVH.
  • Customisable pass and fall critera.
  • Analysis of the delivery for the fraction, beams and sub-beams with only one measurement.

IMRT plan. Fraction dose. Statistic analysis

IMRT plan. Full 3D and DVH analysis

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