RapidArc® QA and Elekta VMAT QA

The dosimetric verification of Varian RapidArc and Elekta VMAT radiotherapy treatment technology requires:

  • Isotropic dose measurements over the complete 360 degrees rotation.
  • Accurate dose measurements in the region of interest (isocenter and high gradient region).
  • Measurements synchronized both with the dose delivery and the gantry angle.

Delta4 unique 4D volumetric dosimetry system is the only system that measures the 3D distribution in 360 degrees gantry rotation and not just one single plane. The complete delivery sequence is acquired with only one measurement and is immediately available for analysis.

Measured data are automatically sorted and stored with gantry angle which allows analysis and comparison between the plan and the beam delivery for the composite fraction dose, dose per arc or dose per sub-arc.

® RapidArc is a registered trademark of Varian Medical Systems

RapidArc, fraction dose

RapidArc, angle increment MLC analysis

Elekta VMAT, 2 Arcs fraction dose

Elekta VMAT, Angle increment and MLC analysis

Royal Marsden Hospital

"We decided to purchase the Delta4 device for its unique combination of a cylindrical phantom with integrated, stable detector arrays in two planes plus linac pulse monitoring, allowing fast imported plan comparisons. These features should provide us with a very versatile and efficient method for verification and analysis of a batch of complex radiotherapy treatment plans during a single pre-treatment measurement session on the treatment unit."

Jim Warrington
Head of Radiotherapy Physics
The Royal Marsden Hospital

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