BeamChecker Plus accessories

Oncology Systems Limited supplies a range of accessories for the QA BeamChecker Plus.

Gantry Mount

Attach the QA BeamChecker Plus to the linear accelerator gantry for precise repeatable positioning. Rotate the treatment machine and test at multiple angles for even more QA options. Contact Oncology Systems Limited for compatbility information.

Order: 70500 QA Beam.Checker Plus Gantry Mount

Bluetooth Adapter Kit

The Bluetooth Adapter Kit allows PC only operations to be performed with no wires. While the standard QA BeamChecker Plus performs QA routines with no software or wires in Wire-free mode, take advantage of additional freedom in Baseline, Real-Time Operation and Physics Modes with this kit. Upgradeable at any time.

Order: 70504 Wireless Blue Tooth Adapter for QA Beam Checker Plus

Serial to USB Adapter

This adapter allows USB connectivity whenever required if you have a notebook or desktop PC with no serial port.

Order: 70503 Serial to USB adapter for QA BeamChecker Plus

TomoTherapy Levelling Platform

Level the QA BeamChecker Plus on the TomoTherapy system treatment couch for virtial and real isocenter laser accuracy measurements. Integrates seamlessley with other TomoTherapy daily QA procedures.

Order: 70505 QA BeamChecker Precision TomoTherapy Leveling Platform

Power/Data Cradle

An additional Power/data cradle to allow you to quickly download up to one month's data and simultaneously ensure that the QA BeamChecker Plus is always fully charged.

Order: 70502 Additional Power/Data Cradle for 90500

RT Workspace software

The QA BeamChecker Plus can be integrated with RT Workspace software to automate the collection of electron cutout output factors.

Find out more about RT Workspace

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