OnQ rts® benefits


Oncology System’s OnQ rts® offers many benefits to radiation oncologists, dosimetrists and physicists in busy radiotherapy environments.

  • Making it easier, quicker and simpler to deliver advanced radiotherapy
  • Improving clinical consistency
  • Saving time for clinical staff and the clinical service through automated workflows and automated processes
  • Reducing risk of errors through simplified workflows
  • Providing confidence in the ‘black box’ through integrated QA tools

How OnQ brings you these benefits

OnQ’s unique Task Scheduler takes automation to the next level, fully automating complex imaging and contouring tasks, with off-line batching – freeing up computer time and your time

OnQ’s advanced triple fusion provides unique tools for clinical evaluation of multi modality image fusion

OnQ combines multi modality imaging and contouring tasks into single ‘click and go’ processes making OnQ quick and easy to learn

OnQ’s integrated contour analysis tools provide a thorough set of metrics to aid in system validation, clinical training, and atlas library creation with detailed error reports

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