Reduce time contouring

OnQ provides powerful, intelligent automation for atlas-based auto contouring, adaptive re-contouring, GTV creation from PET SUV-based images, and 4D phase contouring.

The ultimate automation from OnQ’s Task Scheduler, or within the clinical application means that hours spent in front of a computer, learning how to navigate complex GUIs are all removed.

OnQ will give you more time for patients, more time for research, more time to think.

Example: To perform atlas-based auto contouring for a head and neck case, with over 20 structures segmented, the only interaction required from start to finish of the process is to select ‘Run Auto Contouring’. No time required for atlas selection, initial image alignment nor creating bounding boxes – just select ‘Run’.

Example: To re-contour for a new adaptive plan following IGRT, just set up an off-line batch process from the Task Scheduler and turn up when all target volume and OAR structures are completed.


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