OnQ rts®


Automate the complex. Reclaim your time.

Oncology System’s OnQ rts® software has been designed to make life easier for busy clinical workloads where advanced imaging and radiation therapy practice is performed.

Atlas-based segmentation, advanced dose review, adaptive planning and re-contouring, 4D re-contouring, PET GTV auto-contouring with multi modality deformable and rigid image registration are performed using streamlined, single click automated workflows. Training issues and human intervention are kept to a minimum.

Why OnQ rts?

High level automation of complex clinical contouring and imaging tasks, saves time not only for oncologists, dosimetrists and physicists, but for the whole clinical service.

Consistent high quality results through intelligent algorithms and software design aids the quality of clinical treatment and evaluation.


Designed by an experienced clinical team, who have designed out time consuming tasks, and designed in advanced evaluation tools, so that you make the best decisions and focus on your patients in your time.

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