Deforming Images & Structures

Access to scanners for obtaining test images, either of phantoms or patients, can be challenging due to high clinical demand. ImSimQA can import DICOM-3 image series of any imaging modality, plus import DICOM RT Structure sets associate typically with CT data.

Once an initial set of images are imported, they can be extensively edited e.g. slice spacing, FOV changed, but can be manipulated and deformed to produce newly created image series and RT structures that can be exported to a test application. A typical exmaple would be to deform an MR image series, and export it along with a reference CT series to an image registration and fusion application, commonly used in radiation therapy and medical imaging. The test application would then perform its image registration, acting typically to transform (for rigid image registration) , or deform (for deformable image registration) the MR. The capability within ImSimQA to generate an infinite range of new test images, will provide the physicist or clinician, with a powerful tool to test the performance and limitations of the image registration software in clinical use.

MR defomations plus text copy2

Oncology Systems Limited's ImSimQA can further re-import the generated images from an image registration or auto-contouring application, and perform quantitative testing on the resulting images, to report and analyse goodness of matching, and visually highlight areas of mismatch. See Test Protocols using ImSimQA.

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