Editing Real DICOM Images

Editing DICOM images imported into ImSimQA is a powerful way of creating an infinite range of new test scenarios, without needing to re-scan or source patient images, yet apply systematic changes in a scientific and methodical fashion.

Any DICOM-3 image modalities such as CT, MR, PET, and radiation therapy images such as MVCT and CBCT, can be imported and extensively edited.

DICOM parameter editing

DICOM header and image acquisition parameters such as name, UID, slice and FOV resolution can be edited and new parameters saved for export.

Density changes and RT Structures

An imported CT series with associated RT Structures can easily be edited to change the density of a contoured structure such as the bladder. A user defined Hounsfield value can be assigned and the newly created images exported for testing. An example of this would be to apply a density for contrast media to the bladder in an IGRT-CBCT orplanning CT image series, to test how image registration and fusion software performs with varying densities.

cbct large pre contrast2
CBCT with bladder outlined and normal contrast
cbct filled contrast2
CBCT filled with increasedHounsfield density value

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