ImSimQAcontour Module

ImSimQAcontour compares and analyses pairs of imported contours from radiation therapy applications.

Analyse application performance, compare users

This module has been designed to analyse performance of automatic contouring/segmentation algorithms commonly found in radiation therapy applications, and also to compare performance of those personnel involved in the contouring process, such as radiation oncologists and dosimetrists.

Qualitative visualisation and quantifiable metrics are reported and presented for fast and efficient analysis.

CC bstem comparison on ct

CC ct slice parotid and cord

Contours overlaid with solid and hashed lines

CC bstem ct plus table 2

Report with instant pass / fail for Conformity Index, Mean Distance to Conformity and Centre to Gravity.

Histogram displaying areas and volumes of over / under contouring.

All results navigate directly to slice for easy visualisation.

CC bstem  table zoomed in 2

Typically, this module is suited to testing atlas-based automatic segmentation performance, general RTP automatic contouring software, to compare operator contouring performance against a gold standard, and inter operator variablity. A range of metrics are included such as Conformity Index, Mean Distance to Conformity and Centre of Gravity, all of which provide results of precisely where and by how much contours vary.

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