Extended ProSoma support plan

The Extended ProSoma Support Contract is OSL’s premium support plan for the customer interested in our complete range of value-added features. It includes the following services:

Software evolution

Software updates and upgrades are provided free of charge.


  • assures operation at optimal software level for greater confidence
  • maintains leading edge performance
  • increases the value of the original investment

Hardware update

All OSL supplied hardware will be replaced upon renewal of every third anniversary, providing the contract is maintained during intervening years. Replacement equipment will be the same as that supplied with new ProSoma installations at the time.


  • assures hardware keeps pace with software evolution
  • maintains system reliability
  • increases the value of the original investment


Receive a 5% discount on the purchase of new ProSoma software licenses and discounted places at national and international user meetings.


  • saves money and protects long term investment
  • promotes improved patient care

Priority response

Support contract customers receive preferential scheduling for all service calls.


  • peace of mind in knowing that your requirements will be met in a timely manner
  • minimises costly downtime

Scheduled maintenance

Your OSL support engineer will check the system on an annual basis.


  • extends system life and decreases downtime through thorough maintenance

Non-scheduled maintenance

All OSL supplied hardware is covered against failure.

Faulty parts will be replaced promptly.

Your OSL support engineer is available for on-site support calls during normal office hours Monday to Friday.


  • maintains performance, safety and minimises system downtime
  • saves money by eliminating unpredictable service costs
  • provides convenient and flexible scheduling

Applications support

Technical and troubleshooting assistance is available over the telephone or via Email/FAX.

Receive an annual Webex update training session.


  • provides prompt attention to your queries
  • keeps user knowledge base current

Remote support

Your OSL support engineer can remotely interrogate, update and repair your ProSoma system.


  • fast upgrades to system configuration
  • remote problem investigation and resolution maintaining system uptime

ProSoma support

For more information about the Extended ProSoma support plan please contact the OSL service team.

ProSoma support

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