Women take part in clinical trial

Posted on Mar 21, 2012

WOMEN from Bury St Edmunds are taking part in a clinical trial, which is being funded by Cancer Research UK.

The trial, called Import Low, is testing a new way of giving radiotherapy treatment to women after breast conservation surgery, for early stage breast cancer.

Roughly 2,000 women around the UK will take part, to find out whether the new method can be used to minimise the damage caused to breast tissue and reduce the long-term side effects of radiotherapy treatment.

Research has shown that having radiotherapy after breast conserving surgery lowers the risk of the cancer coming back, but there are some possible long term side effects.

Doctors want to reduce the risk of these, which include breasts becoming harder, smaller or more tender and stiffness in the chest muscles, and hope to do so by giving standard radiotherapy to the area of the breast which had the cancer, while giving less radiotherapy to the rest of it.

The trial is no longer recruiting patients but is being funded until 2016.

Last year, in East Anglia, Cancer Research UK was able to spend more than £41 million on some of the UK’s leading scientific and clinical research.

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