Radiotherapy round-table discussion

Posted on Jul 28, 2011

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust hosted a round-table discussion about radiotherapy. The panel of experts represented a very interesting mix of viewpoints and the resulting discussion was very engaging. It covered some key issues about the challenges facing radiotherapy and the role of healthcare professionals in ensuring that their patients have access to a high quality service.

The panel of radiotherapy experts:

  • Professor Sir Mike Richards, National Clinical Director for Cancer and End of Life Care
  • Professor Tim Maughan, Clinical Director of the CRUK/MRC Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology, University of Oxford
  • Professor David Dearnaley, Professor of Uro-Oncology, The Royal Marsden and The Institute of Cancer Research
  • Jan Balyckyi, Radiotherapy Service Director and Principal Therapy Radiographer, The Royal Marsden
  • Dr Amit Bhargava, GP and Chair of the Crawley Commissioning Consortium, NHS Alliance
Some of the key points of the discussion were:

  • There is a need to raise the profile of radiotherapy in order to dispel misconceptions among the public and healthcare professionals.
  • Radiotherapy has advanced tremendously in the last ten years and is today an advanced form of cancer treatment, with the potential to cure.
  • Radiotherapy is cost-effective and there is a government commitment to making modern techniques more widely available. Clinicians and commissioners must work together to take the service forward.
Watch the radiotherapy round table discussion on the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust website (please note the video runs for approximately 45 minutes).

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