Blue Phantom²

Fastest, most accurate and most reliable Linac commissioning and regular QA


Quality beam scanning is the cornerstone for treatment planning and delivery accuracy. The new Blue Phantom2 embodies decades of expertise, research and experience, providing you the best in water phantoms.

Key Benefits, Innovations that count:


  • Considerably less time spent on setup and data acquisition
  • Unique Linear Diode Array enables 5 times faster beam profile scanning
  • User Validated Leveling in 2 minutes without need for secondary checks
  • Unique continuous scanning with highest sampling time


  • Unique certified +/- 0.1 mm accuracy for the entire scan range
  • User Validated Micro-Leveling system, no second-guess
  • Pinpoint detector positioning throughout lifetime with unique touch-less sensor technology


  • Global leader in supply, innovation and support of water phantoms
  • >35 years of experience, >3,500 customers world wide
  • >25,000 Linacs commissioned

Fastest Set-up, Validated Leveling

  • Full confidence in tank setup in just 2 minutes!
  • Blue Phantom² ready for scanning in <20 mins.
  • No tank movement for leveling, no wave building. Efficiency and confidence without the need for additional confirmation

Measurement consistency in x and y

Small ionization chambers like IBA’s CC-13 ensure scanning direction independent accuracy, regardless of detector movement and orientation (according to TG-106).

Key Features

  • Complete new water phantom design, developed from scratch
  • Unique contactless magnetostrictive sensors: 0,1mm detector positioning accuracy without sensor degrade View video
  • <20 min set-up based on interactive micro-leveling frame and intuitive software
  • High precision controller in a very compact design remote from destructing beam
  • Intuitive "all in one" hand control for the water phantom and the reservoir
  • Modular 3D water phantom customizable to your requirements

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