Daily QA for linac mounted Cone Beam CT systems

Daily tests for:

  • 3D cone beam registration
  • kV and MV system coincidence
  • kV and MV projection images
  • laser and light field coincidence
  • remote table adjustments



  • Cube, 16cm, acrylic, 5kg
  • 4x4, 10x10, and 12x12cm2 light field alignment
  • Laser alignment lines
  • Built-in bubble level
  • Excel spreadsheet for recording, analysing and tracking results
  • Internal imaging and registration markers designed to minimise CT artifacts
  • Users Guide and cardboard container for storage and handling are included

New from Modus - Penta-Guide software

QUASAR™ Penta-Guide software is designed to simplify and enhance daily cone beam CT QA through automated image analysis. This time-saving application automates the analysis and reporting for kV-MV projection images as well as 3D cone beam CT images.

Find out more about Penta-Guide software

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