QUASAR™ Catphan® Shaker

The QUASAR™ Catphan® Shaker is designed to enable 4D CT image quality assurance by moving a Catphan® phantom with programmable respiratory and sinusoidal motion profiles.

The Catphan® phantoms are the industry standard for 3D CT image quality assurance. They are used for comprehensive performance evaluation of axial, spiral and multi-slice CT scanners. Adding motion to a Catphan® phantom allows testing and measurement of image quality at each reconstructed phase of a 4D CT cycle.The Shaker moves a Catphan® phantom in the superior/inferior direction with programmable motion and amplitude up to 30mm. Sinusoidal motion is also available with variable speed from 4 to 60 breaths per minute at a fixed 40mm amplitude. In addition, the Shaker has a chest wall platform moving in the anterior/posterior direction. This platform is compatible with motion tracking systems from multiple vendors.

The Shaker comes with the QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Software Application that allows you to display, edit, and run motion waveforms. Waveforms are created in the application or imported from the Varian RPM system or from tab delimited spreadsheet files. Edit functions include cut, copy and paste, adjusting the amplitude, stretching or compressing the timeline, and filtering out noise, drift and cardiac signals. The Software Application is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista, and runs on desktop or laptop computers.

Catphan® is a registered trademark of The Phantom Laboratory.



  • Overall dimensions; 33 cm wide, 50.5 cm long, 17.5 cm high
  • Mass; 11 kg (excluding Catphan®)
  • Chest Wall Platform; 13 cm diameter, carries up to 1kg
  • Power Supply; Input; 100–240VAC, 47–63 Hz, International power cords available on request. Output, 24VDC, 2.1 A, 50 W.
  • Approvals; CE, cUL

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