Paediatric Head Supports

Pediatric headrests are designed for use with pediatric patients. A prone headrest and a supine headrest are each available in bright and glossy colors. MRI compatible.

Supine Headrest - Compatible with all Posifix, Positilt and Posirest Baseplates and the C-Qual Breastboard. Compatible with Uni-frame Baseplates and the Variable Axis Baseplate via the Adapter Cushion. Compatible with Type-S, baseplates and Wing Boards via the Posi-S Adapter.

Prone Headrest - Compatible with all Posifix Baseplates as well as Uni-frame baseplates and the Variable Axis Baseplate using an adapter cushion 301016 or Posi-S Adapter. Compatible with Type-S baseplates via the Posi-S Adapter.


Description Product Code
Pediatric Supine Headrest 301026
Pediatric Prone Headrest 301027

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