Respiratory Motion Phantom


Patient-Specific Respiratory Motion

The QUASAR™ Programmable Respiratory Motion Phantom is a state-of-the-art breathing simulator for conducting quality assurance testing on radiotherapy systems. Using a personal computer to communicate with the Programmable Respiratory Motion Phantom, the software application downloads patient respiratory waveforms to the phantom, simulating the breathing function.

Used for regularly scheduled testing, as well as commissioning new systems and upgrades, and testing repairs, the Respiratory Motion Phantom is designed to move cylindrical inserts in the superior/inferior direction within a body shaped oval with both varying speed and amplitude. Several different moving inserts are available for a variety of applications.

Insert motion is linked to a moving Chest Wall Platform designed to carry a respiratory tracking device. The Respiratory Motion Phantom is designed to work with different therapy delivery systems and is compatible with kV and MV CT imagers.

The Programmable Phantom includes a software application which allows you to display, edit, and run respiratory waveforms. Waveforms are created in the application or imported from the Varian RPM system or from tab delimited spreadsheet files. The Software Application is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista, and runs on desktop or laptop computers.

With the QUASAR Respiratory Motion Software Application you can import, create, edit and save respiratory waveforms. Edit functions include adjusting the amplitude, stretching or compressing the timeline and filtering out high frequency noise, low frequency drift and cardiac signals.

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