Radiotherapy in the UK

According to figures published by Cancer Research UK, only one in 10 people know that radiotherapy helps cure 40 per cent of cancer patients. The national charity estimates that only 38 per cent of cancer patients in England are getting radiotherapy, although research shows that up to 50 per cent might benefit.

The charity reports that fewer than one in 10 people think radiotherapy is a modern cancer treatment - a treatment which helps cure four in 10 patients, more than conventional chemotherapy.

While 47 per cent of those asked thought targeted cancer drugs, like Herceptin, were modern, only nine per cent appreciated that radiotherapy is also a modern, cutting-edge treatment.

Many people with cancer will have radiotherapy as part of their cancer treatment. It can be given either as:

  • external radiotherapy from outside the body using high energy x-rays
  • internal radiotherapy from a radioactive material placed within the body

Action Radiotherapy

Action Radiotherapy is a charity dedicated to improving radiotherapy treatment by supporting both cancer patients and professionals.

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